We’re Super is a tribute to the people and associations that have taken responsibility and commitment as citizens to improve their environment and quality of life of people. We encourage anyone, regardless of age, without knowing or melt metal flying at him, to participate actively in the community life of their environment. There are too many amazing people who can say: I am super.

We Want

In We're Super we value what we have been doing for years in the associations and honestly tell the public that we are the majority and are transparent and supportive. We spend our time and resources to make a more just and equitable world for all people. It is a job that does not appear in the news or in the media.
It is necessary for society to know that there are many initiatives to change and add value to their municipalities. Many people who are already committed. We congratulate those who are already working in solidarity and collective, and we encourage others to follow, the powers are transmitted and spread.
In We're Super we know that the dreams are possible, we can improve the society in which we live and build the future. We have to promote among all the contagion of enthusiasm, good humor and solidarity.

This project is promoted by the Fundació Horta Sud. It has been possible thanks to the financial support of the European Union and it’s program Erasmus +. Thanks to the collaborators on the project: Udruga Gluhih Nagluhih NovaGradiska (Croatia), ATCE Ramniceana Speranta (Romania), AKTO Human Rights and Democracy (Portugal), Diktio fool politotita ke gia Evropaiki taftotita (Cyprus) and ENLIGHT PROJECTS (United Kingdom).